Minggu, 25 Februari 2018

Can't Stop Me

My husband is smart people.. because of that I should be smart people too.. You know? One day I ever rented my skate board with cheap price.. Then my husband was angry with me.. Because he had opinion that rent skate board only got a tired without advantage at all.. And he gave me challenge to write.. Because he said my capability is in write.. After that with my tears I make it come true.. Alhamdulillah, my Mom always beside me.. She support me.. And you know.. This women, My Mom, Who has pure heart, is strong, humble, simple, and loyal.. I love her.. And her pray make me catch my dream so easy.. Alhamdulillah.. Thanks my husband and my mother..

Loving One Without Battle

There are many ways to get love.. I love both of them (Ghibli movie and Sandi) why? Because they have special caracter, Sandi has big vision and strong mision.. Same with Ghibli Studio that always makes anime with heart and behind the anime always there are some visions that delivered. And the most loving is I got them without battle.. So, that picture showing the sticker of Arriety(an actor in Ghibli Studio) At the first time, I just think for watching movie, but Alhamdulillah.. I got the sticker that at the moment I think all sticker had been given out..

Yup.. I wanna say thank you very much for my husband who accompanied me at that moment..

Senin, 19 Februari 2018


You know? today, my tittle becomes sensitive word.. You know lah... it is related with pemilu.. But anyway.. In my life this word sometime is really meaning full.. Why? because I got something called calm, quiet, tranquil, serene, restful, peacefull, relax, composed, sedate, palacid from this word..
Actually, every girl who is muslim will be called muslimah.. Yah, as muslimah I ever studied at madrasah or pondok pesantren.. Bellow I show my xmadrasah..
five years ago, I had studied here.. around of many and just muslimah.. a lot of knowledge about Islam I got from there.. And yesterday night, my supervisor believes me to teach in this madrasah.. Don't know why, but it remembered me that I have been so far from my knowledge and velue that my teacher teachs to me..
It becomes more broken my heart when my junior call me..
They call me Ustadzah, but my hearth can't receive.. My heart just wispereded, "Dek, karakterku udah jaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh bbbbbuuuuuuuaaaaaannnnngggggeeettttt dari yang dulu.." Yah, dun know why,.. I am not proper to be called as Ustadzah..  Thanks Allah bring me back in this place eventhough not to learning here again, but for teaching.. At least this place have guided me back in the right way again.. Alhamdulillah.


Selasa, 06 Februari 2018

Panopticon (By: Foucault)

That's must be me, that prayed first.. I know you apply the panopticon.. And actually at the first time, I wanna apply that too.. But Bourdieu give advice to me to be polite by his habitus.. Arrrrrggghhh...

Correction for Gaiety

1. I'm still thinking the way but my field will be not in that side
2. They need something special from me but I give them the simple one from me.. Haha..
3. As long as the time rotate until today, I expert in "HHHHHHHHHHHH MR. PPPP" it's just realized me (red.- (Habitus x Modal)+Ranah=Practice) hahahaha.. My Luck

I get a mount of this correction just from one sentence of research.. That means this research that I readed is meaningful.

Kamis, 01 Februari 2018

Patterns of Childcare Arrangements and Cognitive Development (By: Jacqueline Barnes)

Special for this research article, I have understood the quantitative data.. (ciiieeee....)
So the datas said, that there are six patterns of childcare.. That are Continuous Maternal Care, Continuous Home-based Care, Maternal to Centre-based Care, Home to Centre based Care, Continuous Centre-based Care, and Multiple Types of Care. Each type has it's specific caracter. And for the most interested me is the family which is choose Continuous Centre-based Care tendence the rich family and the parents have high education.

And this research article also said, that the most cognitive developer is maternal care which is people always choose to their baby when their baby was born until 18 years.

Futhermore, there is such as model to explain the correlation between maternal stimulation, cognitive ability, and child temprament. Yeah, this model show that prior cognitive ability can give impact for next cognitive ability, but today cognitive ability can not give impact for prior cognitive ability. Than, the maternal stimulation can give impact for the next cognitive ability but not for prior cognitive bility, and the maternal stimulation can give impact for next maternal stimulation and next child temprament. it also happen for child temprament that can give impact for next cognitive ability but not for prior cognitive ability, and can give impact for next maternal stimulation and next child temprament but not for last maternal stimulation or last child temprament.

haha.. that's all.. Thank you.. XOXO