Minggu, 20 Januari 2019

The Best House Keeper

I just remember about my family's house keeper, when I was in 5 grade that's mean in 2005. She has multitasking, not only can clean my parent's house but also can be the best chef, and gardening, and anything else.. The luckiest is her low salary..

In 5 grade, I always asked my house keeper to make ice honey when I go home from school, because I like it so much. Not just me My little sister also always asked my house keeper to make ice tea.. And my Mom just provide honey and tea in cupboard by moonly shop only Rp 20.000.. It can cover our needed until a mont.. How about now? Of I wanna ice tea I must buy and make it by my self or if I hire a house keeper it need more then Rp 1.500.000 and I must provide it more then Rp 20.000.. And you can see in caffe or in coffeshop.. A glass of tea can spend our money until Rp 2000, if we multiply for a month.. It means spend our money Rp 60.000.. Almost, quarter of our x-house keeper.. Poor me..

Then I just wanna say bring me back in my childhood moment..

Rabu, 02 Januari 2019

Sandi Not Only Our Daddy, But Also Our Hero, Also Our Inspiration, Also Our Soulmate, Or It Means Our Everything

Assalamu'alaikum Little Sandi.. I just wanna say, you are so lucky have Daddy Sandi because he always gives Mom everything that Mommy wants.. Alhamdulillah..