Jumat, 29 Juli 2016

Just A Dream

My dream said, The data is a crocodile.. And I love my spirit to save my self.. Run.. Run.. And run.. Jump .. Jump .. And jump.. How beautiful this life.. But sometime, I should face the crocodile and hit it.. See you in next dream crocodile.. Aaaoorrggh ...

Jumat, 15 Juli 2016

ASEAN Youth Cultural Exposure 2016 #2

Join us to promote Indonesian culture and tourism at "ASEAN Youth Cultural Exposure 2016 #2".

October 3rd-7th 2016

October 10th-14th 2016

October 17th-21st 2016

#ASEAN Youth Cultural Symposium
#Indonesian Tourism Promotion Field Training
#Field research about Indonesian tourism
#Cultural Performance
#Craft making and tourism company visit

#To promote Indonesian Culture and tourism worldwide
#To enhance the capacity of youth in developing Indonesia tourism
#To give advice and inspiration for Indonesia Government in developing tourism

Output: All participants will make paper about Indonesia tourism development idea based on #symposium and research that they will get on the program.

Organized by:
#Youth Center to Act for Nation

WA/SMS: +6285640190181
Telp. 0274-2800437

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