Minggu, 31 Desember 2017

Sabtu, 30 Desember 2017

Be Grateful With My Husband

I must be gratefull having you.. When many women be bitch to get your heart.. When many men give praise you.. Yeah, this moment I just wanna say sorry because I always underestimate you my husband.. And now I miss you .. You are so long there.. :'(
*This post is been secreted to my husband*
*so if my husband read it, please be innocent*

Sabtu, 23 Desember 2017

For My Future and Future

If in this universe there are many theories, you must not follow all of them, but you must create the one of them..

Selasa, 12 Desember 2017

Actually this picture is not at that moment.. But, at least there is a tram over there.. Yeah, I think it can represent to that moment..

I just got lost .. But I love it .. Without any friends .. Without money .. Without cell phone because the battery was empty .. But the one that I trust God always around me and will guide me in the right way and to where that being my goal such as home ..
It's suprised me. There is a girl who was throwing her scarf, When her family ran to the tram. At that moment I remember my senior status about kindness .. My senior status said, "however hard to do, keep do the kind one."So, I've been behind the girl take her scarf and give that to her .. Actually she wanna ran back to take her scarf .. But I know if she gave one step behind, she would be left the trem and would be sperated with her family .. Alhamdulillah, I wass success bring her scarf back to her .. Even, her mother looked like angry with that girl but she still has time and choosed to say syukron to me ..Ooo sweety girl ..

Kamis, 07 Desember 2017


I called it as a home .. Where I feel protected and can be who I'm .. When I can adapted with the environment, I mean mimicry..

Senin, 04 Desember 2017

A Small Bowl of Tea

Do you see the old man with white cloth? He is a parking man.. He is someone who gives me a small bowl of tea when I was waiting for my husband.. Do not know.. May be I have the power of pity face so people who look at me always give some help for me... Hahaha.. (PeDe amat gua)
Anyway.. Actually I have the same "feel" with that men.. Yah feel pity with him I mean.. He had been so old but still work at 12.24 AM.. (Metal men gua ama nih kakek) But he got the first say hello and ask me to drink.. Actually, when he ask me I was thinking something.. And he break my mind to think something so I just answer with move my head from up to down.. haha.. But that is mean that I don't understand what did he say.. Then he just go straight to take a small bowl of tea.. and come again to me.. and said, watch out.. watch out.. hot.. hot.. okhey.. Yah because I don't  understand and sleepy I spontan stand up and say thank you.. what ever.. this story just for fun because I was bored to waiting my husband after walking around the complex of Buddha Community..

Kamis, 16 November 2017

Kebalkan Soundtreck Research Ku

 Lagu Nadya Fatira Penyendiri

Apa yang kau fikirkan
Saat ku ucapkan ku butuh kesunyian
Mampukah kau akui dirimu yang sejati
Yang selalu mengerti

Bukan sebuah hiburan
Ditengah keramaian yang ku butuhkan
Mampukah kau tenangkan
Diriku yang dilanda kegelisahan

Aku ini penyendiri
Yang tak butuh keramaian
Yang ku butuh keramaian
Yang ku butuh satu teman
Tempat berbagi cerita

Ooo... kau kan selalu tanyakan
APa yang bisa membuat aku tenang
Mungkin hanya senyuman mungkin hanya genggman
Yang ku butuhkan

Aku ini penyendiri
Yang tak butuh keramaian
Yang ku butuh satu teman
Tempat berbagi cerita


Aku ini penyendiri
Yang tak butuh keramaian
Yang ku butuh satu teman
Tempat berbagi cerita