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Psycosocial Aspects of ART By: Jacqueline Barnes

ART is Assisted Reproductive Therapy. This journal said that mother with ART prior give born will ready to get birth..

haha.. Why I just get this information.. try to ask into grass which is shaking.. haha

Minggu, 28 Januari 2018


Atisa masih umur 5 tahun tapi uda lancar baca Al Quran dan hafalan suratnya Masya Allah udah banyak..

Seneng banget ketemu sama Atisa di Masjid Besar Waisai, Raja Ampat.. Awal ceritanya, usai sholat Magrib Atisa suka noleh kebelakang ke arah Kak Gaiety.. Kak Gaiety yang emang dasarnya orang cuek binti jutek jadi tidak merespon tatapan polos Atisa.. Baru setelah Masjid mulai sepi dan Kak Gaiety masih menanti Sholat Isa.. Tetiba Atisa datang bawa Al Quran dan bunga.. Atisa lihat ke arah Kak Gaiety lagi.. Barulah saat itu Kak Gaiety sedikit memberi senyum ke Atisa.. Berlanjut lagi setelah Kak Gaiety denger suara Atisa baca Al Quran sendiri tanpa didampingi seorang pun.. Ya Allah imut dan merdu banget suaranya.. Pingin nangis terharu campur bahagia.. Tau deh rasa apa itu.. Yang pasti Kak Gaiety jadi tertarik untuk kenalan dengan Atisa.. Setelah Kak Gaiety tahu nama Atisa.. Kak Gaiety pingin nguji sejauh apa Atisa bisa.. huhu.. pokoknya terharu deh.. bisa lihat di video..

Atisa yang tidak suka bicara dan hanya mengamati dan mendengarkan orang mengajarkan aku bahwa sebaiknya kita tidak banyak bicara tapi lebih sering mendengarkan dan memerhatikan.. Jika pun berbicara, sebaiknya yang keluar dari mulut kita cukup hanya Firman Allah.. Seolah Allah Ingin Mengingatkanku melalui Atisa bahwa Allah Ciptakan hanya satu mulut dan ada dua mata dan telinga untuk aku..  Moga kita ketemu di surga ya Atisa.. Moga juga anak Kak Gaiety bisa lebih baik dari Atisa.. Aamiin. Hehe..

Sandi is My Boy

I was proud when you gathered and competed with fellow men.. Because I think, men has higher taste than women..

Kamis, 25 Januari 2018


About love ..

A courage you take for his/her happiness ..

A drop of pain that you ignore for his/her happiness ..

Depth depending if you do without him/her ..

A big mistake that becomes meaningless because together ..

Resolve to choose with whom ..

Raja Ampat, 26 Januari 2018

A Cup of Tea

I just realized, that tea always accompany me in every bad condition .. And it always makes me more mature .. For now, I get the point, found the solution without complaining ..

Sabtu, 20 Januari 2018

The Role of Health in Early Years Services (By: Kate Billingham and Jacqueline Barnes)

Before I explain this article, my condole about my reading speed.. It becomes slower.. huhu.. Thank you..

From this article I got, that UK gives priority for health in child with obesity, unequality mortality, psychological health, accident injury, and cronic illnesses.. It's some of priority that must be given deep attention by health service..

Then, I got that to give health service for child, must be knowing about biological, social, psichology.. It means, there are such as health behavior, parenting practices, and relationship in a family side to be focuses..

Nice information, right.!.!.!

Rabu, 17 Januari 2018

The Impact on Child Developmental Status at 12 Months of Volunteer Home-Visiting Suport (By: Jacqueline Barnes)

Actually, I had spent many time to read this research.. Because my low skill in data quantitative.. and may be because the mayor is not my field.. Yup, at least from this research I have understood the way to deliver quantitative research..

Selasa, 16 Januari 2018

The Truly Love

I have read about Love.. Love is about spent your time with something.. Yeah, as simple as like that. . And now I have spend many time with you.. Then we got your name as "huge bear".. You are my huge bear not only your fisic, but also your function to me.. As huge bear that can covered me when the temperature is cold, and also when I need big doll to be hug by me.. And the last but not least your function as a money.. haha.. You always say I love you to me and so do I darling..

Senin, 15 Januari 2018

Primary study evidence on effectiveness of interventions (home, early education, child care) in promoting social and emotional wellbeing of vulnerable children under 5.

From this journal I have understood that in England and US there is Family Nurse Partnership (NFP) which has job to care Young Mama.. But there is little defference between them in calling side.. And I got the information that visiting home approach is better..

*Sorry for a bit of information that I got.. I quite fast to read it..*

Sabtu, 13 Januari 2018

Pacaran Halal

Mungkin karena kamu satu-satunya orang yang mau menemani aku menggila.. Menemani aku dengan kekanak-kanakan ku..
Di mana kita sering nonton film dewasa, film action.. Ngikutin selera mu..
Hari ini kamu mau nonton Kiki Delivery Service.. Animasi kanak-kanak banget.. Kesukaan ku.. Tahu ngga? Di sini aku jadi bahagia banget.. Makasi ya..

Selasa, 09 Januari 2018

How Sure Start Local Programmes Areas (By: Jacqueline Barnes)

Well, from this article I was understood that make some policy must be carefully and really applied..

Then I got the prototipe of comparation research from year to year.. Well, as the title of this research.. This research had controled and monitored a place which is called Sure Start Local Programme (SSLP).. And the result of this research many elements that increas in SSLP inclued the violence and baby care.. But, this research explain that some elements that had been increased in SSLP actually also happened in other place such as England, that means there is no specific from the fenomena..

Good View.. It is really inspiring me..

Sabtu, 06 Januari 2018

Factors Associated with Negative Emotional Expression: A Study of Mother of Young Infants (By: Professor Jacqueline Barnes)

As Usually, it's hard to me to understand the quantitative datas.. Even, this journal use ANOVA.. Well, you know.. ANOVA is software in international level to analyse.. Hoho.. While, in class research methodology I just understand SPSS.. #end

So, here may be I just can explain the conclusion of this journal.. Nevertheless, I know understanding deeply the datas is important to get the point.. But, back to paragraph #2 .. haha..

The first point that I get is comment the one of factors associated with negative emotional expression is negative comment.. for e.g when   mother gave birth by ceacar the other person will give negative comment, so it make mother of young infants have no mood to breastfeeding.

And actually, without negative comment from others have descreased mother of young infants to breast feeding, because after the infans was born it will get medical care before it meet with its Mom..

The second point that I got is there is no impact to mother when she gave breast feeding just because the baby made fussy..

The third point is the partner in relationship will be give strong impact for mother of young infants, because they can give some comments to mother. As above that all comment can made mothers mood increas and decreas. .

Next point is several mother choose to delay their work to make sure the baby is fine.. Nevertheless, there are many critical for this point.

The fifth is there is no associated between ceacar and infants fussy..

Well, I think I have done to collected the point.. Hoho.. Yeah, of course still many point, But my brain still get five point.. Thank you.. hehe. .

Jumat, 05 Januari 2018

Health Outcomes Of Children Born to Mothers with Chronic Kidney Disease: A Pilot Study

By: Professor Jacqueline Barnes

As my review about Professor Jacqueline Barnes's journal before.. You know this is not my major, so please be wise for my little knowledge.. hoho..

Anyway, it's really hard for me to read quantitative data.. bheeeee...

Well, I think I'll write the most interesting for me from the Journal..

The first thing that was interesting is that the baby with Mother has Chronic Kidney Disease has a high risk for their health. And actually, when their Mom give birth they tend needing the doctor help, or I mean they usualy by ceacar ..

The second, The baby psycology will be got influence.. Such as more agresif than baby with normal mother..

Yak.. I think..

Rabu, 03 Januari 2018

Child care before 6 months of age: a qualitative study

By: Proffesor Jacqueline

I just wanna resume the article.. Somehow, I know I got trouble, may be because there are some part that not my major..

Well, so.. Something that I got from this article is about the factor why women with infant choose baby care because the financial of family, they wanna contribute in their financial family. Then because they wanna increase their career, and the last is because they love to work.

Nevertheless, They have calculation to choose which baby care that they will choose.. The calculation is like about cost, time, location, and the last is the caracter of the baby care..

Yah, thats all.. hehe..

(anyway, I spent my half of day just for one article.. Sorry my time)

The Moment When I Must Loyal With Library

come on fix it Gai.. 288 Articles for 3 days..
Yup.. Hope this week can meet, discuss, and get Prof. Jacqueline Barnes's book.. Aamiin.

Selasa, 02 Januari 2018


"Gak gaul, gak pernah melihat dari dekat perbedaan pola pikir dan kehidupan orang lain. Gak diajarkan pelajaran-pelajaran yg membentuk daya kritis. Doktrin terus menerus. Tinggal tunggu waktu jadi teroris"

Status keji seperti itu pernah diposting oleh seorang follower gw, sambil gak lupa ia menyertakan foto Musa, hafidz cilik bersama keluarganya.
Naudzubillah minzalik, betapa besar fitnahnya. Padahal pembuat status itu orang Islam juga. Gw sempat terjebak perdebatan gak penting gara-gara statusnya itu, sampai akhirnya terpaksa dia gw blokir, karena orang seperti ini lebih banyak mudharatnya dipertahankan dalam mutual friend.

Waktu akhirnya menjawab. Status itu dengan sendirinya terbantahkan. Musa justru mengharumkan nama Indonesia dengan prestasinya. Gaulnya hingga ke belahan dunia. Sementara pembuat status itu gak ke mana-mana dan gak melakukan apa-apa untuk bangsa selain menjadi remah-remah sampah dunia maya.

Alhamdulillah, pagi tadi gw berkesempatan menghadiri talkshow inspirasi Qur'ani masa kini, yg menghadirkan Musa dan abinya. Acara hingga sore, ditutup dengan sholat magrib yg diimami Musa.

Anak ini benar-benar luar biasa. Ibarat hardisk berjalan yg entah kapasitasnya berapa terrabyte. Perasaan semua orang dibuat campur aduk. Ada sesak karena haru, ada juga gelak tawa melihat tingkahnya. Gak ada sedikitpun tersirat beban oleh hafalan-hafalan yg susah dicerna logika.

Gak cuma Alqur'an 30 juz, hadits-hadits yg panjang pun ia kuasai, lengkap dengan nomor-nomor dan judul kitabnya. Diuji dengan urutan hadits yg dibolak-balik, potongan ayat dalam Alqur'an yg dicomot sedikit dari tengah, gak membuatnya terkecoh, semua dijawab dengan tenang dan tanpa pikir panjang.

Nah, penasaran gimana cara orangtuanya mengajarkan?

Berikut ini mungkin bukan trik atau metode secara detail, tapi beberapa poin yg gw anggap penting dan sempat gw catat tadi:

1. Mushaf jangan diganti atau ditukar-tukar. Cukup satu mushaf untuk anak. Ini sepele, tapi ngaruh dari segi psikologis.

2. Pilih waktu-waktu yg tenang, misalnya bada shubuh. Musa sendiri bangunnya jam 2.30 dini hari. Mungkin kedengaran ekstrim, tapi jangan dilihat jamnya, karena ini semua berproses, kata Abu Musa. Ala bisa karena biasa. Jam 10 adalah waktu istirahat tidur siang hingga zuhur. Bada Zuhur lanjut hafalan.

3. Gak usah terlalu banyak tutorial dan referensi. Ciptakan metode sendiri, toh hanya anda yg tau apa yg membuat anda dan anak-anak anda nyaman. Banyak org memulai dari juz 30, tapi Musa dari juz satu. Menurut abu Musa, juz 30 lebih susah karena banyak ayat yg sama. Tapi tentu setiap orang beda-beda.

4. Ada pendapat, usia 4 tahun adalah waktu bermain, jangan dulu diajar baca tulis? Ini gak sepenuhnya benar, karena  Musa dan adik-adiknya usia 4 tahun justru sudah bisa baca tulis Alqur'an. Ini bukan soal IQ atau kemampuan intelejensi dari sononya. Ini semua karena dibentuk dengan didikan kedisiplinan. Waktu bermainnya pun tetap ada. Biasanya main di sore hari usai hafalan bada ashar.

5. Jam 7 pagi semua anak sudah mandi pagi dan wangi serta dandan rapi. Gak ke mana-mana, tapi duduk ngaji. Selalu biasakan anak fresh saat menghadap Alqur'an.

6. Tivi hanya untuk memutar VCD ngaji, channel tivi hanya untuk TV dakwah. Demikian pula gadget hanya buat murottal dan menonton ngaji, selebihnya gak boleh. Game virtual gak ada. Apakah anak-anak protes? Tidak. Banyak hiburan dan permainan pilihan yg lebih nyata secara fisik. Main rumah-rumahan, main hujan-hujanan, main pasir, dll. Sedapat mungkin libatkan atau luangkan waktu bermain bersama anak. Apakah pelajarannya hanya ngaji saja? Gak juga. Ayah Musa mengajarkan ilmu pengetahuan alam, sosial, matematika dan lain-lain secara homeschooling.

7. Muroja'a secara bertahap. Bada subuh, Zuhur, dan ashar, masing-masing surat yg berbeda. Karena bada isya waktunya panjang, maka di waktu ini diulang semua hafalan yg dibaca seharian. Tau gak, berapa jam yg digunakan Musa mempelajari Al-Quran dalam sehari? 10 jam! Tapi gak usah heran, apalagi dianggap militan, karena ini lagi-lagi butuh proses untuk sampai ke tahap itu.

8. Untuk huruf atau hafalan yg susah diingat, tulis dan tempel di setiap dinding yg sering dilalui (kecuali kamar mandi). Setiap ia lupa, jangan ingatkan dengan ayat tapi sebutkan atau tunjuk sesuai dindingnya, biarkan ia mengingat sendiri.

9. Rasa iba melihat anak pasti ada, tapi sebaiknya jangan kalah. Tanamkan bahwa ini kelak untuk mereka juga.

10. Harap pahala dan ingat dosa. Ini motivasi efektif jika hafalan mulai menurun.

11. Ibu adalah pemegang kendali di dalam rumah. Peran serta ibu menentukan baik dan tidaknya rumah, yg kelak akan dipertanggungjawabkan di akhirat, termasuk jika rumah diisi oleh lantunan dan tadabbur Alqur'an. Ummi Musa sendiri gak punya asisten, 5 anak dihandle sendiri, tapi tetap gak pernah absen dalam majelis taklim. Jangankan sakit sedikit, sudah mau pecah ketuban pun tetap semangat menghadiri taklim.

12. Timbulkan sifat qonaah dalam keluarga, meski kurang tapi tetap syukur. Abu Musa lebih banyak mengorbankan pekerjaan demi membimbing anak. Sedang ada kerjaan di luar atau di jalan pun ia masih bisa mengajar murojaa atau tes hafalan anak via telepon. Yakinkan dalam hati, pelaku maksiat saja masih diberi rezeki oleh Allah, apalagi orang yg berjuang di jalan-Nya.

Demikian resume acara tadi. Gak usah dicari lucunya ya. Haha..
Semoga bermanfaat.