Senin, 18 Maret 2019

#Review #Film #2 ##2019 #CaptainMarvel

Many persons watch this movie.. So do we.. My husband and me has opinion this movie funnier than Deadpool.. And I love carol grunge style, this style remind my style in senior high school.. Haha.. Actually at that moment I didn't aware with my style genre but my Karate Trainer said that my style categorized grunge style.. Up to you sir.. At least, I really enjoy with grunge style..

In this movie many sections that makes surprise and this section that makes this movie funny.. For example, can you imagine an horor actor can be polite with other people? In this movie happen.. When the aliens beg someones pardon.. And can you imagine, a grandma can do karate? Hahaha.. In this movie happen, when Carol hit the grandma face.. hahaha.. I hope I can do too.. And can you imagine a cute cat can be change a monster? Haha.. In this movie happen.. And the bug surprise is your anemy is your friend, but you friend is your anemy.. Yah, it is really cool movie.. Not like ussual movie.. And in the end the scary anemy can do awkward action.. haha..

Yeah, I think from this movie we can learn to be who we are.. Remember from where we are come from and be ourself.. Never forget our history..

And thank you Daddy Sandi.. For buy our baby bottle of Corel..

Resensi Buku #2

Bukunya renyah.. Karena isinya gambar-gambar.. Semacam komik tapi berfaedah.. Memberi Pemahaman tentang sia-sianya kebiasaan berkeluh kesah dan betapa beruntungnya orang yang mampu berjuang bekerja keras tanpa banyak bicara.. Membuat pembaca untuk selalu instrokpeksi diri.. Karena setiap kejadian yang menghampiri tidak terlepas dari timdakan dan perilaku yang telah dipilih sendiri.. 

Minggu, 17 Maret 2019

Infatuated With Power, Popularity, And Flattery

Dear my son.. 

March 17, 2019, Mom hear some news that makes Mom think Power, Popularity, and Flattery. Actually this news tendance in power.. So there is a man who killed people in Masjid and the reason is they scared if Islam migration take the power in Australi.. Yeah, may be Moms make it simple, so Mom releate it with infatuated in power.. People infatuated with power until kill person.. How poor it is.. And Mom thinks their life is too narrow.. Actually without power, popularity, and flattery we can be so happy son..  

The point from this section is don't be stupid until you hurt peoples heart, even kill people just for power, popularity, or anything else.. Keep your dream and say it to Allah that is 

This picture reminds every pain that Mom gets ... But Mom only pray to Allah always ...

Senin, 04 Maret 2019

#Film #Review #1 2019 ( #Alita: Battle Ange)

To begining this review.. I'll start by praying.. May Allah always Gives Me and My Husband a happiness and opportunity to watching movie until Jannah.. inshaa Allah.. Aamiin. Hehe..

Alright, first this movie really fantastic for me.. And make me wanna ride my skateboard and roller skates again.. And you know? I beliefe you dunno.. haha.. Yah, after this movie released many person wanna rent my skate board and my roller skates.. But because inshaa Allah I'll have baby boy.. So, I choose to maintanance it to my baby boy tomorrow.. I want not rent my skate board and my roller skate again (backsound: "tomorrow.. tomorrow.. I love ya tomorrow.. you always a day away..)

Then second, my opinion, this movie is sadistic because if the actors are not mechine or robot, I dare this movie will be sensored or probide to releas.. And from this reason I think this movie is for +13..

The third as the last.. I like the quote from Alita, "All of this is nothing because there a biggest that must be killed" Just make me aware about my problem and Allah..

Thats all..