Jumat, 28 Desember 2018

The Last Movie Review in 2018

In this section, I wachted four movies with my everlasting partner life..

First, we watched #Venom.. From this movie I'm personality learn how to enjoy our life, even in our weakness or strongness.. Duno how to explaint how I can get this idea.. But.. Yeah, thats all about this movie..

Second, we watched #coldplay.. This movie is about band biography.. And from this movie I learn how to make our dream come true..

The third is #RalphBreakTheInternet.. It was so funny anyway.. Haha.. I still remember when The Ralph broke the #pinterest, then I just think that is why there is isue, pinterest closed.. Haha.. But at least from this movie I learn how to appricite my long life friend.. Yeah, my husband.. I love him so much.. Always protect me eventhough I always angry with him..

Fourth, #Aquamen.. From this movie make us wanna have a baby with super power.. haha..

See you in 2019.. Thank you..

A Simple Wish

Happy together in 2019..

Kamis, 27 Desember 2018

Somewhere Only I Know

God forgive me ... just because of them ... I treat my descendants unfairly ...